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Welcome to a world of sub-second page loads, and increased conversion rates, available for any e-commerce platform. A pain free headless experience, without the costly or painful website redesigns. Be up and running in minutes, without adding extra infrastructural overhead or introducing complicated new frontend workflows. Keep your existing backend and developer experience and add industry leading edge performance.

Be fast every single time.

With Edgemesh Server, every single page load is fast. Yes, even on over-taxed and bloated e-commerce platforms, you can achieve insanely fast performance speeds.

On our lightning fast edge network, you can measure your connection speeds in milliseconds, not seconds.

Don't change a thing.

Legacy headless services force you to re-write and re-design your already working website from scratch. Who wants to start over?

Do you like your website? Edgemesh Server will enable you to go headless, and still keep your website almost exactly as it is today, with most ecommerce applications and plugins supported out of the box.

Your frontend and backend workflow remains identical to what you have in production right now.

Up and running in minutes, not months.

Legacy headless platforms force you into a 6-12 month development cycle, with no ability to preview what your headless will look or function like.
Edgemesh Server helps you achieve headless performance in minutes, with the ability to fully preview your website before you commit to anything.

Be operational and fully headless on your native platform faster than what you thought was possible, with the Edgemesh Server advantage.

Powerful analytics.

The Edgemesh platform is built on top of a custom made, finely tuned and incredibly powerful database that is able to store unabridged analytics at the finest level of granularity possible. No other platform in the industry can process or store data at such a fine level, giving you the most authentic insight possible into your performance and Real User Metrics.

We do not sample, average, abridge or concatenate our Real User Metric data.

Keep your head.

Keep what you have in production right now, Edgemesh Server precisely integrates with your favorite platforms such as Shopify, Wordpress and BigCommerce with  no hassle.

Integration is seamless and works for your current existing frontend and backend automatically, keep your website the same.

Convert more customers.

"Entrepreneurs know that first impressions matter. Shopify's own data shows that on average, when a store improves the speed of the first page in the buyer journey by 10%, there is a 7% increase in conversion."

- Colin Bendell, Director at Shopify

Bot Protection and Crawler Analytics

Edgemesh automatically analyzes and detects  automated traffic, including bots, crawlers, and indexers. This data is now available for customers and powers our Ad Fraud prevention system. Get insight into both good bots (search engines) and the bad bots (fraudulent clicks) automatically.

Gain unparalleled insight about automated traffic reaching your store.

Don't let bought traffic become bot traffic.

Edgemesh Server's Ad Protection feature not only detects fraudulent clicks, but allows you to de-target bad actors all together and protect your ad-spend across every channel. 5 minutes of setup for an automatic real-time protection and ROAS increases.

Your ad spend is one of your most important investments, protect it with Edgemesh.

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