Kaged improved conversion rate by 23%

“We've seen tremendous improvements in conversion rate and site speed since using Edgemesh.”
Nate Hampel
Director of eCommerce

5x Faster Time to First Byte

2.2x Faster Time to Interactive

23% Increase in Conversion Rate for Mobile Customers

Founded in 2014, Kaged is an award-winning industry leader committed to providing athletes with clean, premium-quality supplements that fuel superior performance and recovery.

The Challenge

Improving Site Speed for a Larger Audience

When Kaged first launched, the company was focused on retail and a large online marketplace. But in 2019, the team saw a big shift online for many sports nutrition companies and turned their attention to growing the Kaged Shopify site. 

Despite a lot of initial success on Shopify, there was still room for improvement. The site was slow, and Director of eCommerce Nate Hampel knew that would negatively impact conversions. But countless audits and fixes to the JavaScript had little effect. 

When the company rebranded from Kaged Muscle to Kaged in 2022 to capture a broader audience, Nate needed more than ever to make sure those new customers would have a superior site experience.

“We were looking at site speed to improve our conversion rate. We ran audits and free reports and constantly checked Google Analytics, and our speed was always really poor.”

The Solution

An Easy and Instantly Effective Acceleration Tool

Nate considered several options to solve the speed issue. One option was to go headless, which would mean rearchitecturing the entire site and rebuilding hundreds of content pages. The amount of labor would make the cost astronomical. 

That’s why Edgemesh appealed to Nate, with its promise to make the site as fast as headless without the hassle of going headless. 

Since Edgemesh’s onboarding process was faster than any other solution and the tool didn’t require a 12-month commitment, Nate decided he had nothing to lose by trying it out. 

The results exceeded all of his expectations. Nate felt the positive impact of Edgemesh almost instantly and saw a night-and-day improvement to the site speed. Edgemesh worked so well that he wished Kaged had a bigger online presence to feel even more of the benefit. 

Nate especially appreciates the support and service he’s received from Edgemesh, as making any changes to an e-commerce site can be nerve-wracking. With a responsive team standing by, he knows he can count on Edgemesh as a true partner.

“Edgemesh was the easier, more efficient, and instantly effective solution for us. It was crazy to see the improvements.”

The Results

A 23% Lift in Conversion Rates

Since implementing Edgemesh, Kaged has grown significantly.

The new customers landing on the site are having a better and faster experience, with improvements in time to first byte (5X faster) and time to first interaction (2.2X faster). That means they’re more likely to stay on the site, browse more pages, and add more products to their carts. The result has been a 23% increase in conversions — a number that exceeded Nates’s expectations and instantly impacted Kaged’s bottom line. Nate has especially noticed the benefit during promos and product launches, when the site sees a large influx of users.  

Nate prefers a tool that he can set and forget. And as Kaged continues to grow, the company has no doubts about keeping Edgemesh running in the background to make the site faster and more efficient.

“Edgemesh instantly impacted our bottom line by increasing the conversion rates, average order values, and even session durations. It’s been a joy to see.”
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