Understand your customers and give them the best experience
There are two keys to building a successful store, understanding the customer and how they interact with the site, including tracking and retargeting returning customers past 7 days, and giving them the fastest store experience they've ever had

We've built a solution that addresses both.

AI gives you the work of a full data team daily, replacing GA4

Edgemesh's AI Insights Engine analyzes your entire captured data set across ad spend, web analytics, and purchase events to automatically identify areas of opportunity and trends.

Our engine will proactively alert you to sudden drops or increases across metrics, trends over time, bundling opportunities for existing products, and more, straight to your inbox. No digging required.


Boost Performance, Boost Revenue

Apply edge optimization without code to your site to improve every aspect of performance, giving customers a smooth, fast experience. Fast sites, make more money, and that’s a fact.


See your full store at a glance, or in depth

Slice, dice, and diagnose your data from every angle you can think, and some you can’t. Oh, and it will match your store, payment processor, and ad spend numbers.


End the Cat and Mouse Game With Cookies

We set true, unblockable 1st party cookies so you can use your entire tech stack to its fullest, and retarget for as long as you need.


Unbeatable fidelity and precision.

Comparing Edgemesh® Analytics to GA4, I realized that Google was missing 42% of our traffic. Almost half of our visitors - just completely gone.

The age of client side analytics has ended. Server side analytics is the only way to truly understand website traffic.
Meeting accuracy demands from industry leaders.

Data You've Never Had Before

Landing Page and Customer Journey

Which LPs get the most engagement, the most conversions?

What Journeys are leading to the biggest cart sizes?

What marketing levers are affecting LP Traffic and Engagement?

Persistent Data Analysis

How many customers are truly repeated?

How many customers are viewing our site from multiple devices?

How did repeat customers come back to the site for each session? Which converted?

Cart Data

What’s the most removed product from a cart?

What are the most commonly added items in a cart that do not convert?

How do cart items & value affect checkout initilization/completion?

Product Data

What’s the most commonly purchased item(s) without a discount?

What product is added most commonly to hit Free Shipping? Discount threshold?

Which product in cart most affects checkout (good or bad)?

Cohort Analysis

See performance over time, or compared to another time period.

How does one holiday sale compare to another at different time of the year?

What Products converted the most last week to this week?

Purchase Data

How much discount was applied on average for purchases?

What % of purchase amount was spent on shipping?

Which discount codes are being used the most from each source?

Start Measuring Real Site Performance Today for Free

Understanding current site performance through real-user-metrics is the first step to optimizing for speed.

Without a baseline of core-web-vitals being experienced by real users on your site, it is hard to identify the main sources of the issue.

Edgemesh Client is an enterprise-grade R.U.M. tool to measure core web vitals with zero performance penalty.


Experience the fastest site on the market

Boost your site through edge based optimization for the best experience a customer has had
No code injections, no javascript, no gimmicks
Speed everything from server time, image optimization, and even third-party services

Understand your store on a level previously not possible with GA4

Never set (or miss) another tag again, and see your entire funnel for the first time
Diagnose funnel issues across geographies, devices, browser, returning users, page, currency, and on, and on, and on…
Get answers fast with your data and forget about data drift from your store or payment processor

Know what's going well and what's not

Edge capture provides data you've never had, at a level you've never seen
Use in-depth data and filtering to fine tune your customer's journey to final checkout
Understand what products should be bundled, and what cart items perform the best

Where do you look to find the leaking faucet?

Get the work of a data analyst on-demand or a schedule through AI
Be given the top and bottom performing metrics in each step of your store's funnel automatically

Book a demo today.

Are you ready to take your store to the next level and achieve faster speeds, better data and more conversions?