Want a higher converting website? Speed Matters.

Add one line of code for a faster page load.
Increase your conversion rate by up to 20%.

Accelerating hundreds of e-commerce brands

No Developer Needed

Get up and running in 5 minutes or less by adding just a single line of code to your site. No code changes, no infrastructure changes and no developer required. A set it and forget it performance solution.

Speed as a Service

Edgemesh uses real customer traffic to make automated, real-time optimizations for your site. Edgemesh's advanced 'pre-cache' technology helps your customers pre-load content they're likely to request before they've requested it.

 Actionable Insights

See detailed performance metrics for every page load, on every device, everywhere on the planet with Edgemesh's Real User Metrics client. Edgemesh seamlessly integrates with existing marketing tools like Google Analytics so you can discover the impact on business metrics.

Your Online Store is Your Flagship Store

Here's who likes a slow website: no one.
Faster sites convert more users, have better search ranking and dramatically lower bounce rates.  Edgemesh enabled customers see an average performance improvement of more than 40% in the first week, resulting in real, measurable improvements in your business.

Try Edgemesh for 14 days and see the impact for yourself directly in Google Analytics.


Load Time Directly Impacts Customer Ghosting

We know how hard it is to get people to your website, so it's vital that every interaction counts. With 56% of users abandoning sites that take more than 3 seconds to load, one thing is certain: Speed Matters.

Edgemesh adds intelligent browser caching to your site - and uses your past customer behavior to anticipate what your new customer wants to see. Edgemesh uses these insights to 'pre-load' the content it knows your customer will want next, and always keeping your performance one step ahead.

The result? Dramatically faster shopping experiences that adjust to real user behaviors instantly.


Not Just Data. Insight.

Edgemesh uses real customer experience data to intelligently optimize your site in real time. Edgemesh's Real User Metrics client not only captures performance metrics, but uses this information to build automated intelligent optimization strategies.

See how your site performance stacks up against others, track your performance metrics over time and identify slow apps or 3rd party components.


Why Customers Love Edgemesh

Edgemesh is accelerating the sites and businesses of these customers.

“In the very short amount of time using Edgemesh the results are outstanding. Conversion on Edgemesh user is 12x higher than regular users. ”
Michele Levy
"One of my favorite tools that has made a world of difference for our conversion rates is EdgeMesh. Holy hell. Since installing, we’ve seen conversion rates increase by over 4x."
Allen Brouwer
bestSelf Co
"We couldn't have a website showing the fastest cars in the world taking more than 6 seconds to load. Edgemesh cut our page load time in half to 2.9 seconds, matching the 0-60 time of our McLaren 570S."
Zac Mosley
"After installing Edgemesh our website immediately began running 70% percent faster, and our conversion rate nearly doubled overnight."
Alex Jacobs
Taiga labs
"Edgemesh's detailed real user metrics show us exactly how much of a speed boost customers will experience, and the integrated Google Analytics views reflect the increase in revenue due to the new performance adds. Edgemesh provides one of the best ROIs of any SaaS we use."
Brian Purkiss
"With Edgemesh, we've taken RedlineSteel.com from six seconds to three, and we've got our eye on breaking the two-second barrier. The numbers speak for themselves. If you deliver an industry-leading e-commerce performance, you'll get industry-leading results."
Colin Wayne
"We were able to add Edgemesh in under an hour, and by the end of that same day we saw a 2x improvement in performance and more than a 30% reduction in server bandwidth."
Brian Lillie
"We installed Edgemesh and saw our site traffic increase 15% within one week. Our content loaded 4x faster and it's great because, I can set it and forget it!"
Faith Storey
Colin Wayne, CEO
“Edgemesh was the cornerstone of our online optimization roll out. The near instant performance improvement caused less users to abandon their carts and higher conversion rates across the store. The numbers speak for themselves.”

Simple Pricing

Pricing is offered on a monthly and annual basis. Price includes a 14-day, risk-free trial that you can cancel at any time.


Up to 250k Accelerated Page Views
$1.00 Per 1,000 Views Over 250k
Perfect for small business customers and boutique stores.
per DOMAIN  /  per month (250k VIEWS INCLUDED)
Start 14-DAY Trial


Up to 1MM Accelerated Page Views
$0.75 Per 1,000 Views Over 1MM
Perfect for medium size online companies and e-tailers.
per DOMAIN  /  per month (1MM VIEWS INCLUDED)
Start 14-DAY Trial

Business Plus

Up to 5MM Accelerated Page Views
$0.50 Per 1,000 Views Over 1MM
For big retail stores dealing with large volumes of monthly traffic.
per DOMAIN  /  per month (5MM VIEWS INCLUDED)
Start 14-DAY Trial
Contact us with questions about our pricing plans. We're here to help.