Bringing Intelligence to Visitor Browsers

Edgemesh enhances any browser, on any device, anywhere in the world — with intelligent, automated, next-generation client-side caching. See how Edgemesh changes modern site performance — all with a single line of code.

Meet Edgemesh

A powerful client-side acceleration platform that gives browsers super powers.
Real User Metrics

Don't just measure performance, adaptively improve it with automated pre-caching and intelligent pre-loading. Enterprise-grade performance telemetry that show how customers experience your site so Edgemesh can make it faster.  

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AI-Powered, Managed Service Worker

Intelligent client-side caching via the Service Worker. Based on real user interactions and performance metrics, Edgemesh intelligently expands the browser cache to ensure more assets are pre-loaded for users - keeping you one step ahead.

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Smart Caching™

Performance that extends beyond the server. Control the client side browser cache : what assets are cached , when they are evicted and adaptively pre-loaded. Centralized cache coherency means when you update your site - every client is immediately up to date - automatically.

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Powerful in-Browser Routing

Enterprise customers can extend Edgemesh with client side routing logic. Add intelligent offload to support multi-Content Delivery Networks , dynamic content blocking (GDPR) and robust client side load balancing solutions.

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Real User Metrics... Reimagined

Edgemesh doesn't just collect Real User Metrics data - it uses this information in real time to detect, adapt and optimize the loading experience for every customer.

Don't just measure performance , adaptively improve it with automated pre-caching and intelligent pre-loading.


At Your Service (Worker)

Edgemesh is an Enterprise-grade managed Service Worker, a powerful feature built into the browser that allows you to control the client side experience. Don't simply hope that content is cached; get control over what assets are cached, when they are evicted, and intelligently pre-cached. All automatically, based on real customer experiences.


Edgemesh Client Side Enhancements

Improve key web performance metrics like
Time to Interactive and First Paint times by up to 2x

Longer Image Caching

70% of a site's page weight is images. With Edgemesh, images are cached longer and are intelligently preloaded.

No More Buffer Lag for Videos

Edgemesh pre-caches individual frames of your site's streaming videos; giving you near-instant click-to-play experiences.

In-Browser CSS and Fonts

Edgemesh analyzes, stores, and serves third-party components like fonts and CSS in the customer's browser - eliminating costly render blocking delays.

Faster JavaScript

For modern websites, the JavaScript payload is the website. With Edgemesh, JavaScript is not only cached, its cached as pre-parsed byte-code. This means no parsing overhead and faster React/JAMStack and JavaScript experiences.

1st-Class Caching for 3rd-Party Resources

Edgemesh adds support for caching not just the items on your site, but also every third-party resources. Get control over third parties and accelerate every aspect of the experience.

White-Glove Support

From onboarding to health checks, our web performance experts do a deep dive into your site's metrics to identify opportunities to deliver even faster user experiences. Schedule your one on one today.

Speed Matters.

Edgemesh is the result of more than 4 years of research and development to create an automated, real-time optimization platform that eliminates 90% of the results a continuous in-house performance engineering team would provide.

See how much Edgemesh can accelerate your site and how much Speed Matters to your bottom line.


Will this work without SSL?

Edgemesh requires SSL to work. If your site does not yet have SSL enabled (HTTPS), you can get up and running quickly with our partners at Cloudflare.

How hard is it to install Edgemesh?

99% of Edgemesh customers self onboard via the Edgemesh portal. Installation generally takes about 5 minutes, and involves adding a line of code to the header and a single JavaScript file to the root. We offer one on one onboarding for customers with more specific needs.

Is Edgemesh compatible with other Service Workers like Push Notifications?

Yes! Edgemesh can load additional Service Worker modules, such as push notifications, with a simple flag. See an example from our friends at Aimtell.

Does Edgemesh support multiple domains?

Edgemesh is licensed and operates on a per-host name basis. For example: and are considered 2 separate licenses. If you require a bundled offering, contact our sales team to talk about Edgemesh Enterprise options.

With which platforms is Edgemesh compatible?

As a client-side service, Edgemesh is compatible with any platform where you can add our JavaScript tag and file. We offer plugins for WordPress, Shopify, Magento, and Cloudflare for even easier setup on those platforms today.

How much of an improvement can I expect with Edgemesh?

The primary metric we look at for e-commerce customers is the Time to Interactive. Last month, across more than 350 e-commerce stores, the median decrease in Time to Interactive was 79%.

White-Glove Onboarding: 

An Edgemesh engineer will walk through your setup and help you understand the full Edgemesh product offering.