Andar increased transactions by 29% and AOV by 14%

increase in average order value
increase in transactions
faster time to first byte

The challenge

Improving site speed to accommodate more traffic

As a family-run business, Andar started small by selling just one wallet and fulfilling orders from a spare closet. When a YouTuber called the wallet “the world’s best” in 2017, the company sold out their products on all sales channels and has been expanding and growing ever since.

Partner Eric Elggren, who heads up the tech stack and ensures Andar’s Shopify website is performing optimally, has always been focused on efficiency and speed, which he knows is crucial to the conversion process. 

And with the influx of traffic from influencers, site speed was slower than Eric wanted. After trying a product that was expensive and didn’t provide any meaningful results, he needed a better solution.

We want to have a good customer experience at the end of the day. I always look for apps that help us get that edge.

The solution

An immediately effective acceleration tool with responsive support

Eric heard about Edgemesh in a Shopify Plus Facebook group, where a fellow business owner who had been using the product posted his before-and-after speed scores.

The stats were impressive. And as someone who considers himself “obsessed” with speed, Eric knew he had to check it out. 

After a seamless onboarding experience, which was as simple as installing a line of code and turning the tool on, Eric and his team started seeing faster load times immediately. 

Edgemesh was exactly what Eric had been looking for — an acceleration product that actually worked and was worth the investment.   

Eric especially appreciated Edgemesh’s responsive support on some of the more technical aspects he came up against that felt over his head, like setting up Shopify flows for restocks.

Edgemesh takes care of the speed issues that come with the Shopify platform. And they’re probably one of the best tech company support teams I've ever worked with. They’re always there.

Time to First Byte, a critical measure of how quickly a site is delivered to a shopper, dropped significantly.

Real time Pagespeed Insights

The Results

A better customer experience and increased transactions

Since implementing Edgemesh, Andar has continued to count on marked improvements in site speed.

The time to first byte is now 36% faster, and the largest contentful paint time has been cut in half (from 3.75s to 1.75s). Plus, Eric no longer hears complaints from customers that the site takes too long to load. 

And with a better, more consistent experience for their users, Andar has seen a 28.7% increase in transactions and a 14.97% increase in average order value. And just recently, they pulled $1M in sales in only 90 minutes - without breaking a sweat.

Most importantly, Eric and his team can now focus on continuing to expand their product line and reach new customers, without worrying about whether their site can keep up.

Our site runs so much faster. Edgemesh works, and our speed score is proof of that.

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