Gorjana page load times dropped by 50%

Reduction in Page Load Time
Faster Average Server Response Time
Faster Time to First Byte

The challenge

A Faster Online Store with No Developer Effort

Site speed and performance had been top-of-mind for Kyle Buccaleri, VP of Ecommerce at Gorjana, since the beginning of 2020. That’s when he hired a paid speed agency to focus on making the site faster. His goal was to cut down on load times and deliver the quickest experience possible. And for a while, the agency’s solution worked. Page speeds dropped, and conversion rates went up. But eventually, page speed started creeping back up, and the agency disappeared. As it was an extremely custom solution, no one else — internally or externally — could figure out how to fix it. Gorjana was back to square one, although the connection between site speed and online revenue was now clear.

Kyle knew they needed a solution that would optimize performance and increases conversions - but with a continuous and automated approach.

“We needed to do something to get page speed down to a level that we felt like optimizes performance, and there was a strong sense of urgency. Conversion rates weren’t what they needed to be.”

The solution

A Simple, Affordable Acceleration Tool that Works

Edgemesh was just the replacement Kyle was looking for. 

What initially piqued his interest was Edgemesh’s promise of headless performance coupled with the simplicity of integration. Going headless would require months of development to rebuild the entire site, while Edgemesh took less than a week to get into production - and worked with no code changes required.

Kyle started seeing results within a couple of days. But just to be sure, he A/B tested Edgemesh against an alternative vendor solution. In the process, he discovered that the alternative didn’t make a meaningful difference for the cost, and it caused parts of the site to break.

Kyle found that Edgemesh was more affordable, provided better results, and didn’t negatively impact the site. Plus the team was responsive and willing to work with them if any issues came up. 

His experiment sealed the deal and gave him the confidence that Edgemesh was the right choice.

“When we find value, we stick with it. There's nothing else this simple that I'm aware of. This is a solution that works.”

Time to First Byte, a critical measure of how quickly a site is delivered to a shopper, dropped significantly.

Real time Pagespeed Insights

The Results

Page Load Time Decreased by 50%

Since using Edgemesh, Kyle has seen the Gorjana site speed drop and stay down. 

The end to end page load time has been cut in half. Edgemesh's global infrastructure (300+ cities and counting) ensured that every customer on every device, everywhere in the world was milliseconds away from the site. As a result the average server response is now 8 times faster, the render start time is more than 6 times faster, the time to first byte is 2x faster and twice as many users experience a faster first paint time than on Shopify native. 

That all adds up to a better site experience for Gorjana customers. When the site content is delivered more quickly, that reduces abandonment rates and increases conversion rates, which ultimately increases revenue for Gorjana. 

Edgemesh has met all of Kyle’s expectations and will continue to be his speed tool of choice for the foreseeable future.

“Edgemesh is active. Page speed is dropping. Conversion rate is reacting accordingly. It's really just as simple as that.”

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