Mommy Makeup increased speed and saw 2X conversions

Higher Conversion Rate
Decrease in Page Load Time
Decrease in Time to First Paint

The challenge

Make the Shopping Experience as Fast as Possible

With an audience made up primarily of busy moms, Mommy Makeup aims to provide a quick and easy shopping experience. That’s why the company relies on short embedded tutorial videos, pop-ups, and robust email content to guide the customer to the right purchase.

When Mommy Makeup had to shut down their U.S. factories from March to July 2020 during the pandemic, Director of E-commerce Jeremy Roberts used that downtime to rebuild the company’s tech stack and add tools for even better customer support. 

Jeremy and his team went all-in with Re:Amaze software for help-desk/chat/FAQ—building out 1000+ macros for automated replies as well as human-assisted chats and conversations. 

But they found that those additional features that made the site easy to navigate significantly slowed the page load time, causing cart abandonment and higher bounce rates.

That’s when the team started researching plugins to speed up their site.

The Shopify app ecosystem is incredibly powerful, but it makes it easy to build out a slow-as-molasses website. What you gain in simplicity to build, you lose in terms of code-bloat that doesn’t make for a great customer-facing UX.

The solution

Edgemesh’s adaptive browser-side caching

After evaluating more complicated options requiring extensive configuration and ongoing calibration, Mommy Makeup found Edgemesh Business for Shopify. 

The Edgemesh AI engine takes care of the calibration, and the setup is as easy as adding one line of code to the website or clicking to install. To save their customers valuable seconds when buying their products, Mommy Makeup signed up and installed Edgemesh for Shopify in just a few clicks and without the assistance of a web developer.

Edgemesh's AI-based engine got to work immediately, learning customer traffic patterns and accelerating customer experiences automatically. By the day’s end, the average page load time across customers had decreased by more than 37%.

Jeremy feels Edgemesh is a great solution for Mommy Makeup because the site is not a 1-page lander where people check out immediately. Customers sometimes spend 20-30 minutes on the site, watching videos, interacting with makeup artists, and finding solutions. Edgemesh rewards this kind of engagement by pre-caching the pages with crazy-fast load times.

What we love about Edgemesh is the same thing we love about our own products. It saves time, it saves money, and you just set it and forget it.

First contentful paint time, a key measure of how quickly a web page renders for a customer, decreased by 45%

Real time Pagespeed Insights

The Results

Conversion rates doubled, adding dollars to the bottom line

Users accelerated by Edgemesh had a more than two times higher conversion rate than users who were not accelerated by Edgemesh.

Best of all, the Mommy Makeup team could analyze the impact directly inside their current tools, like Google Analytics, to see a side-by-side comparison of Edgemesh accelerated vs. non-accelerated users.

A successful eCommerce website is about staying up to date with the latest innovations and constantly fine-tuning the store to deliver a best-in-class experience for our customers. With Edgemesh, we've taken from around 3 seconds to below 2 seconds, and we love saving our customers time

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