A Faster Magento Store is just 3 clicks away

Edgemesh for Magento is delivered as a standard Magento Plugin.
No developer need. No themes changes required.
No hassles - just speed.

No credit card required for free trial.
Managed Caching
Intelligent AI-powered algorithm for enterprise-grade caching.
Real User Metrics
For the ultimate insight into user performance.
Navigation Acceleration
Users can browse your offerings faster than Magento natively.
Performance Reporting
Your site's performance information delivered directly to you.

It's Simple: A Faster Magento Store Converts More Customers.

Add Edgemesh to any Magento store in 5 minutes. When enabled, Edgemesh seamlessly coordinates your users' browsers to make more intelligent caching and pre-loading decisions in real-time, based on real visitor behavior. The result? On average Magento customers see a 84% decrease is load time within the first week.


Improve Top Line

Faster sites convert more users and increase revenue. Magento says so. Google says so. Mach Metrics says so. Even Neil Patel says so. Decreasing a store’s average time to interactive from 5 seconds to 3 -  increase in conversion rate ($/page views) is 91%. See how much higher your conversion rate could be with a risk free 14 day trial.


Automated, Realtime, AI Powered Site Optimization

Edgemesh automates many of the functions a world-class engineering team would perform by hand. A typical customer would require 200+ hours of effort per month, every month, to achieve the same level of optimization Edgemesh provides automatically.


Edgemesh's Power + Magento's Simplicity

Simple to Setup

Edgemesh’s one-click integration requires no changes to your existing code for Magento and Wordpress. There is no additional setup for Google Analytics integration, no parameters to tune. Just set it and forget it.

Enterprise Grade Platform

Edgemesh is an enterprise-grade platform, not just another Magento app. We help lift your store’s performance globally and continuously improve the customer experience you deliver. Have a question? Support is just a chat away.

Works with Google Analytics

Edgemesh not only measures performance and accelerates your site, but it seamlessly integrates with the tools you use today to run your business. You can  see the impact of accelerated user sessions have on any key performance indicator you use today: bounce rate, session duration, and conversion rate. See how much increase site speed impact the top line, the bottom line and every experience metric in between.

Pays for Itself

Most customers see a positive ROI in the first 2 weeks of running Edgemesh. With the Google Analytics integration , you can separate accelerated vs. non-accelerated users and see the direct impact speed has on your business. See definitive impacts to conversion rate, bounce rate and revenue - every month.
Start 14 day free trial

Edgemesh Flexible Pricing

Three options, tailored to your business structure.


Up to 250k Accelerated Page Views
$1.00 Per 1,000 Views Over 250k
Perfect for small business customers and boutique stores.
per DOMAIN  /  per month (250k VIEWS INCLUDED)
Start 14-DAY Trial


Up to 1MM Accelerated Page Views
$0.75 Per 1,000 Views Over 1MM
Perfect for medium size online companies and e-tailers.
per DOMAIN  /  per month (1MM VIEWS INCLUDED)
Start 14-DAY Trial

Business Plus

Up to 5MM Accelerated Page Views
$0.50 Per 1,000 Views Over 1MM
For big retail stores dealing with large volumes of monthly traffic.
per DOMAIN  /  per month (5MM VIEWS INCLUDED)
Start 14-DAY Trial

Frequently Asked Magento Questions

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Will this work with my theme?

Edgemesh doesn't require any changes to your theme - so it works with every theme. Best of all, you can update your site and Edgemesh will instantly detect and adjust to the new content.

Do I need to manually add any code?

Nope! Edgemesh for Magento is delivered as an App (similar to Apps in the Magento Store). Simply signup , enter your store name and add the Edgemesh app. It's that easy.

Can I easily remove this plugin?

You bet! Edgemesh works just like a standard Magento app. Just point, click and delete inside of Magento to remove the application. Your subscription is managed by Edgemesh so if you want to cancel, simply login to the Edgemesh portal and cancel at any time.

Will this work with plugin X?

Edgemesh has been deployed across hundreds of stores with hundreds of other plugins. As a client side solution we tend to 'play well with others' . The one area of integration can be with push notification platforms.If push notifications are your jam - we recommend looking at Aimtell.

How can I track Edgemesh's impact on performance?

Edgemesh includes an advanced performance metrics dashboard that allows you to see the impact on users. In addition, our native integration with Google Analytics means you can also see the performance impact inside of Google Analytics directly. For more information see the help are on Google Analytics.

How can I track Edgemesh's impact on conversion?

Conversion rates are best tracked inside of Google Analytics. With the Edgemesh integration you can easily compare Edgemesh Accelerated Users with Non-Accelerated Users to gauge the impact on any metric - including conversion rate.