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A/B Testing

Edgemesh Optimize is the first edge-served A/B testing and personalization suite for Shopify stores. Combining the power of Edgemesh Performance and Insights, Optimize is the only testing and personalization engine you need to run your store.

Use drag-and-drop elements direct in Shopify to generate any test and any experience you want to serve to users.

Define the groups and visitor distributions using any segment available in Edgemesh Insights today from state, to source, to device type.

Analyze results direct in Edgemesh Insights with zero discrepancy, missed sessions, or lack of in-depth analysis options.

Oh, and it’s 100% performance penalty free. Cool right?

A/B testing

Build it, Test it, Analyze it

  • Drag-and-Drop experience builder. No need to get messy with code.
  • Serve the page in a split test, or make it persistent for a segment of visitors
  • Target any segment of visitors, in any way. Returning Purchasers, Loyalty Customers, FB Ad Visitors and more.
  • Analyze results from the top of the funnel to average order value, and any step in between

Optimize is coming very soon. Reach out to find out what we’re bringing.

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Any dimension, any segment. Zero Sampling
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