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Using data to get insights usually requires a lot of work. Edgemesh delivers insights out of the box, on-demand and proactively to offer areas of focus to grow the business.

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AI Data Analysis

The next iteration of data-driven decision making is not solely capturing data, but putting it to work.

Edgemesh has already created the most complete and in-depth data capture on the market, and with AI it gives you the information you need to do your best work.

  • 24/7 Monitoring to alert you to trends and anomalies within the data
  • Daily and Weekly emails detailing store performance and highlighting top influencing segments
  • On-Demand data analysis to find the source of your curiosity anywhere in the data.
Performance analysis

Having the data is half the battle. Edgemesh puts it to work.

We use cutting edge machine learning and AI models to sift through your data and provide actionable insights.

Commonly Answered Questions:

  • Why did my Add to Cart Rate drop 35% from yesterday?
  • What are the top performing campaigns for new users this month?
  • What are the best and worst performing landing pages from last week’s sale?
  • What is the most commonly bought product for a 2nd time purchaser?
  • What affiliates and influencers are driving the most sales over last 7 days?

Come see what we can answer for you.

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