Every Click Attribution

Ad Analytics should measure more than just ROAS. The model should be built for your store. And it should all be done in real-time.

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Marketing Attribution

Because of our unique position in the technology stack, we have the unique capability to track and tie every visit from every ad to every visitor, up to one year ago.

This data is used in combination with in-depth web analytics to accurately attribute conversion revenue across a user’s ad history, and tied to the performance of the store. Acquiring a new user is worth something, but it may not be worth the same as getting that user to build a cart full of items.

This is Every Click Attribution.

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Modern Attribution, Future Proofed

  • Keep every click from every user for up to 1 year
  • Understand Long-Tail Marketing and cross-platform customer journeys
  • Measure true “assisting” ads, at every step
  • Match attributed revenue direct to your Shopify revenue
  • Analyze spend by any segment of web analytics, from landing page to specific product purchases.

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Any dimension, any segment. Zero Sampling
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