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A slow website is not only a burden on the customer’s experience with your brand, but your bottom line. Make performance optimization a thing of the past with always on speed increases.

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Website Optimization

Web optimization can be done in two ways:

  1. Optimize and streamline the underlying code for the client
  2. Improve the back-end technology to speed everything else up

While it’s important to always do the first, there’s a limit to speed increases that cannot be addressed

Edgemesh Performance bolsters the back-end infrastructure for your site to be as fast as it can, at the flip of a switch. Using edge network technologies, Edgemesh brings dramatic speed increases with ecommerce specific optimizations to make turn every visit into a better shopping experience

Website optimization

Speed is more than a score

Edgemesh is built with results and improvement top of mind. Speed is not just a score, and we want to make sure you have the tools and data to continually monitor and improve.

  • Edge Caching with full control of caching technology
  • Automatic Recache Validation to update the site with freedom
  • SEO Optimizations for Google, Meta and more
  • Advanced Bot Protection and Stability Improvements
  • 3rd Party App and Script Acceleration
  • Automatic Media Optimization
  • A script loader to optimize your store’s loading order

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