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Your ad spend is one of your most important investments, protect it with Edgemesh.

Automatically Increase Index Coverage

Analyze how often crawlers visit your site, what pages they index and identify gaps in index coverage with Edgemesh.

CB/I Digital and Edgemesh are longtime SEO partners, helping accounts achieve better search rankings and traffic. With Edgemesh's new SEO focused solutions like Crawler Stats, Dynamic Rendering and Instant Index, we have an entirely new toolset to help customer websites get crawled faster, indexed deeper and ranked higher!
Mike Le
Co-founder and COO

Enhance SEO with Zero Effort

Edgemesh automatically converts your website into static HTML to create a seamless crawling and indexing process for bots enhancing your SEO efforts with zero effort on your part!

Increase Organic Traffic with Faster Crawls

Edgemesh informs Google in real-time when new pages are available on your site. This ensures that your new pages get indexed faster - within 1 hour - helping to increase organic traffic.

How It Works

High Quality Organic Traffic Awaits

You can now analyze how often crawlers visit the site, what pages they index identify gaps in index coverage. In addition, these analytics power our new solution for increased index rate (IndexNow and Fast Index) to help automatically increase index coverage.

Edgemesh informs Google in real time when new pages are available on the site. This ensures that new pages get indexed faster (within 1hour) and helps increase organic traffic! Speed is a major factor in search ranking. Real User Experience is factored heavily by search engines when determining page rank.

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