Headless Performance Without the Headache

Revolutionary, next generation performance without all the headaches of legacy headless solutions.

Speed Matters MOST

Our clients see an average increase in conversion rate of up to 20% simply because we took this statement to heart.

Next Gen Performance

Based on next-generation technology. Edgemesh Server is the fastest and easiest way to achieve true Headless performance.

Unbelievably Fast

How do you measure your traffic speed and conversion rates? We let Google dictate all of the results. Edgemesh Server creates the smoothest and fastest possible experience for your customers.

Headless, without the headache.

Unlike legacy headless solutions, Edgemesh Server does not require costly website re-writes, the hiring of extra staff, or even much technical knowledge. Keep all the same technology you use today.

Who knew going Headless could be so painless?

Easy, instant setup. Live Preview your site before any payment

Instant Setup

Setup is automatic and near instant, no hassles, no extra developers. Takes only a few minutes as opposed to months with traditional headless implementations. No need to hire developers, no long development cycles, it's never been easier to go headless.

Keep Your Infrastructure

Keep everything about your current store exactly the same. Best of all... Keep all of your apps/plugins without having to change anything.

Preview Before You Buy

Traditional headless implementations do not let you preview how your website will truly function after it's rebuilt. With Edgemesh Server you will receive a fully functional preview of your store BEFORE you commit to any payment plans.

Pixel Tracking

Keep ALL of your tracking. Zero changes required.

Automatically optimize your website!

Edgemesh takes every piece of your site and makes it as fast as possible - so you have time to do what actually needs done.

Automatic Optimization

In addition to converting your website to Headless, Edgemesh Server will also AUTOMATICALLY optimize your sites images, HTML  and Javascript files for Google performance best-practices.

Endless Possibilities

Edgemesh Server is the key to entering a new level of performance and the platform is always evolving. With new features and services rolled out over time, including bot detection & intelligent routing.

Automatic Cache Validation

Unlike traditional "dumb caches" where a cache is uploaded to a CDN and lives with a max age parameter. Edgemesh will automatically check an asset when it's getting close to expiring, and if it's still valid, will re-validate and extend the life of the cached object so that cache doesn't go cold.

What platforms does Edgemesh Server support?

Powered by amazing technologies.

We use world-class servers and hosting, so you don't ever have to worry about downtime.

Edgemesh Client

Every instance of Edgemesh Server, comes with Edgemesh Client included, creating the most unparalleled and complete solution for web performance from both a server and a client aspect.

Built on proven backbones

Built using proven technologies relying on Cloudflare™ as a backbone, for extreme reliability and up time. We leverage the very best of cloud technologies in Edgemesh Server, enterprise performance has never been more accessible to E-commerce platforms.

Real User Metrics/Monitoring

The most in depth and granular data set for monitoring the real world performance of your users. Our proprietary database allows us to keep data with a fine level of detail without concatenating or averaging results to paint the most realistic understanding of your performance.

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