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Stop Guessing. Start Knowing. Start Growing
Understand your customers and give them the fastest e-commerce experience.
  • Replace Google Analytics, with the only unblockable, unsampled data capture.
  • Real-Time access to data that you've never had, with cart, product and cohort analysis.
  • Retarget visitors for up to a year with true 1st Party, compliant cookies.
  • Deliver the fastest web performance available, without re-engineering your site.
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Browser based software is failing, switch to the edge.

We build everything on the Edge of the network eliminating guesswork and browser based limitations.


AI Insights Engine

Becoming data driven usually takes a lot of work and an entire team. Edgemesh AI takes all the heavy lifting off your plate.

Edgemesh monitors ad spend, product and web analytics, and purchase events 24/7, proactively alerting you to opportunities and trends in the data, direct to your inbox.

There's no reason to go digging in the data unsure what you're looking for. Our AI Insights Engine will simply tell you, every day.


Access to Data You've Never Had

Browser limitations, privacy policies, and adblocker apps have prevented data capture, meaning your data has never been complete.

Edgemesh captures ad spend, web data, and purchase events direct from the server for 100% accuracy and a level of depth not currently possible.


Boost your site for the fastest performance on the market

Every pixel and tool being loaded on the site is slowing it down for customers.

Turbocharge your store with the only suite of improvements that will never slow down your site and never stop working, through the edge.

It's as simple as flipping the switch.


Regain the Ability to Retarget Users Past 7 Days

Apple and browser privacy regulations have ruined retargeting and it is only getting worse.

Edgemesh works directly in the server to provide a true, 1st Party Cookie that doesn't expire, and cannot be blocked.

You get the ability to retarget indefinitely and track users across sessions and time periods.


Start Measuring Real Site Performance Today for Free

Understanding current site performance through real-user-metrics is the first step to optimizing for speed.

Without a baseline of core-web-vitals being experienced by real users on your site, it is hard to identify the main sources of the issue.

Edgemesh Client is an enterprise-grade R.U.M. tool to measure core web vitals with zero performance penalty.


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